Year 5


Hello and welcome to Year 5


     Your teachers our Mrs Marnell, Miss Howes

 and Teaching Assistant is Mrs Gorst 


As in all classes across the school, we learn a lot every day. Each morning, we study Maths and English so we can become better mathematicians, readers and writers. Everyday, we take time to pray and reflect on the values we are focusing on this term, which are kindness and honesty. Here at All Saints we believe that you can’t be ‘too kind.’ We consider others and always try to show a caring, generous and unselfish attitude. We always try to tell the truth and make the right choices. We also pray for other people in the world who are struggling to find a safe place to live and work.


As well as Maths and English, we study Religious Education, Science, Humanities (History & Geography) Computing and P.E to name a few. Our main topic for this term is ‘Chocolate’ linking to the book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ as well as Geography (Trading) and Science (Changing states)


In Key Stage 2 we are continuing with our Spelling Mastery scheme which we do three times a week. We have our own workbooks and it really helps us to become better spellers AND readers!  We also do Move on Maths once a week, which helps us to consolidate our learning in Maths. 

In our Maths lessons, there is a real focus on knowing our times tables off by heart. By the end of the year we will know up to 12 times 12 without even thinking! Parents and guardians, you could even test your children to help them become an even more marvellous mathematician. Why not say your multiplication tables together while walking to school? 

We have plenty of trips linked to our learning in class to look forward to and there will be many pictures uploaded to this page so parents can see how much fun was had.  We also enjoy learning through music and song.


Some of our pupils attend extra-curricular clubs such as gymnastics, football and Touch Type. Many members of 5A are part of the after school choir club, led by Mrs Marnell. 

Being healthy is important to us all. We drink plenty of water during the day and have a healthy playtime snack. For example; oranges, apples, pears, bananas. Mrs Marnell goes shopping each week for our fruit and costs also cover water bottles for the children. Running a mile a day (weather permitting) is an important part of our school day.


If any parents or carers would like any help to support their child outside of school, especially through reading or maths, please feel free to ask questions or run past some new ideas you may have. You are always welcome.


We hope that you enjoyed reading about our class and there will be opportunities for you to come and see us working in class soon!  

Homework is always an extension of the work we have covered that week in class.



Send in £1 for class fund

Homework returned

20 minutes reading at home




20 minutes reading at home




20 minutes reading at home




20 minutes reading at home


Maths/English homework set for following week.


20 minutes reading at home


Come Spring & Summer term, both Year 5 classes will be having swimming lessons and will require a full costume or trunks (not shorts), a towel and swimming cap. You will be notified nearer the time when your child is starting.


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