Attendance Trophy

As part of our reward system, we introduced a weekly attendance trophy in the Autumn Term, which is presented at whole school assemblies.  All of children are very keen to help their classes win the trophy and we are sure you will want to continue to support your child by making sure he/she is in school every day. 

The percentage attendance for the winning class is published on the website each week along with the percentage attendance for the whole school. 

We will, as usual, celebrate excellent/very good attendance at the end of the Summer Term.


Please help your child to be a team player by making sure they attend school regularly.


Buddy the Good Attendance Dog 

Buddy joined All Saints in the Spring Term. He is part of our reward system for good attendance and is placed in the charge of the class with the highest weekly school attendance.  Buddy is a very popular cuddly toy and the children love him and are working hard in their classes to make sure they are in every day in the hope that on a Friday, at assembly, their class will have the highest attendance for the week and will win the chance to take charge of Buddy. 


Some classes have included Buddy in their daily activities. You can view some photographs of what Buddy gets up to during the week.

Attendance winners this week

Rec S won with 99.2% attendance 

Whole School 95.1%







Attendance Photographs

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Good attendance means June 2018