Aims and Values

Our Mission Statement

A Catholic learning community that aspires to excel, celebrates achievement and values the uniqueness of everyone.

"Each one of you is a child of God"

Pope Francis


Our Values

All Saints is educating for Unity, Responsibility, Courage, Wisdom and Generosity.


Our Aims and Objectives


Through a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ we:


Aspire to excel

We do this by:

  • Being ambitious for high standards for pupils, staff and parents.
  • Providing pupils with an all – round education which seeks to develop every aspect of the individual, social, spiritual, emotional, moral, intellectual and physical.
  • Engaging pupils in a curriculum which is tailored to their needs whilst offering challenging, life-enhancing experiences.
  • Enabling pupils to learn at a deep level, engaging in critical enquiry, reasoning and reflection.
  • Explicitly teaching and living Gospel values, focusing in particular on Responsibility, Wisdom, Courage, Unity and Generosity.
  • Ensuring staff are reflective of their practice, open to new ideas, valued, supported and developed to the best they can be.
  • Ensuring that parents understand their role and responsibility in their children’s education and development.
  • Not shying away from difficult conversations with parents or staff in order to ensure the right of every child to succeed.
  • Raising children’s aspirations for themselves, nurturing confidence, motivation and determination.
  • Supporting parents to have the highest aspirations for their children through an effective home-school partnership.

Celebrate Achievement

We do this by:

  • Valuing effort as well as achievement.
  • Attaching equal importance to emotional, social, moral and spiritual growth as to academic progress.
  • Ensuring that individual needs of pupils are understood and catered for, progress accurately measured and achievement acknowledged.
  • Fostering a climate of high expectations, low stress, where pupils are encouraged to take risks, challenge themselves and are increasingly autonomous, resilient learners.
  • Through weekly praise assemblies, praise postcards, golden table, along with verbal praise and encouragement, promoting a culture in which children want to achieve and are able to value the achievement of others.
  • Celebrating and sharing the efforts of all pupils through thoughtful displays of their work.
  • Taking account of pupils’ views in curriculum evaluation and planning and in assessment, behaviour and inclusion policy-making.
  • Carefully tracking the progress and attainment of pupils individually and as groups, ensuring that those at risk of underachieving are identified and supported as early as possible.
  • Providing pupils with a range of opportunities to take on responsibility, suggest and lead on new initiatives – as Breakfast Buddies, Mini Vinnies, Play Leaders, Lunchtime Helpers and School Council.

Value Uniqueness

We do this by:

  • Acknowledging and affirming the dignity of each individual as made in the image and likeness of God.
  • Through RSE/PSHE, supporting pupils to develop the foundations for healthy relationships, aware of their own self-worth and equipped to make informed, moral choices.
  • Ensuring that the safeguarding of every pupil is a responsibility shared amongst every member of staff.
  • Creating a school which is a home from home for every pupil, where each can be who they are, at ease with themselves.
  • Recognising parents as the first educators of their children.
  • Appointing staff with the skills/experience and personal qualities to ensure outstanding pastoral and academic support.
  • Fostering a culture that is inclusive for all, irrespective of home circumstances, ability, race, gender, culture or religious belief.
  • Planning and delivering a curriculum which embraces difference and diversity and which challenges discrimination of any form.
  • Providing a rich tapestry of experiences through the arts, sport and music, clubs, visitors and trips, which encourages participation and enables each child to discover his/her gifts and talents.
  • Ensuring robust policies on behaviour, bullying and discrimination are clearly communication to all and applied consistently and fairly.
  • Supporting pupils to develop as thoughtful citizens with excellent manners, appreciative of the world around them and conscious of their role in looking after the planet.
  • Developing pupils’ empathy for and understanding of those in need locally, nationally and around the world.